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Pretty Paris Collection is owned by a young entrepreneur providing 

  • Edge Control

  • Eyelashes 

  • Lipgloss

  • Logo Tshirts 

Projects By Angel supported this client to launch their Edge Control, Eyelashes, Eyelash packaging and Lipgloss. 

We outsourced for the right vendor in which the client sampled many before choosing the final supplier, we designed the edge control private labeling for the Edge control, Lipgloss and Eyelash packaging. 

When doing so we ensured that the branding at all times was kept consistent, the client wanted everything to be very cure, pink and attractive so this is what we made sure we provided. 


Projects by Angel was also appointed to create the website for this client, below are website and product snap shots and outcomes.

Our main aim when setting this brand was ensuring the clients vision came to life and that everything was branded in a way where it would attract the target market which are the younger consumer. 


As you can see eyelashes and edge control packaging has kept to the same pink and black with a hint of white theme. 

Something like this is very attractive, this will gain re posts on social media and can easily trend, our aim when designing this was making sure we created an aesthetically pleasing product for our client so that it can be tagged and re-posted in the hopes of further exposure through re-posts and getting it on the explore page on social media platforms. 

22.02.2022 Launch
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