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Presented by Angel
Founder & CEO of Girl Boss College

I am so excited to introduce the Girl Boss College, Hustlers Mindset Volume 2 Course. 

This year we have taken the course to the next level. 

With this course you will equip you with everything you need and more to run your business. 

  • You will have a healthy mindset plan

  • You will have a mood board 

  • You will have a sale converting Brand Identity 

  • You will have niche specific Brand Values and Brand Mission 

  • You will be taught key marketing & branding strategies 

  • You will be taught key Social media strategies

Plus much more. 

If you want to start a business and need a fully equipped, responsive team to support your business start up journey, GIRL BOSS COLLEGE is the perfect branding agency for you.  


Price & Payment Options

In this webinar we will cover


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